Video: “The Invisible Man” Directed by Coodie & Chike


Visuals off the upcoming mixtape “The Invisible Man”. Shout to

Peace & Blessings



42 Responses to “Video: “The Invisible Man” Directed by Coodie & Chike”

  1. Clay Longmire Says:

    Yo man this is refreshing!! i love that you are just doing you! your far better than a shit ton of these guys in the game now!! I loved you in reaper and i will continue to support you! keep doing work my man!

  2. Mik Thomas Says:

    Wow I AM IMPRESSED! Dude you are very sick….I only listen to my dogs like the son of sam….wow dope line …check out

  3. love the video, all the rappers out are not talking about anything anymore, i hope people look at this are reminded that rappers use to have something to say, also that rappers dont need fancy videos to make a point

  4. Finally, some real music!

  5. Nice topic – respect !

  6. What’s up with the: Invisable Man?!

    You used the N word like three times. : (

    THREE! 😡

    What’s wrong with your mind??!!!

    Your not black!!!!

    I bet you don’t even have 1% of black in you!

    And it’s not just this one, it’s in the mix tapes!


    You use to be cool! 😦

    Now you racist! T_T

    • Look, know your ancestral history, I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican. Look it up.

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Lol!

        I already knew that! ^_^

        but aren’t those like, hispanic races?

        What do they have to do with being black? 😦

      • Wow, if you did the research and learned the history we would not be having this conversation. Come on now, don’t be ignorant trying to be right. You only look dumb. No shots.

        Best, Rick

        Sent from my iPhone

  7. Lol, okay. 🙂

    I didn’t do research, I just read your wikipedia.

    I guess I do have a missunderstanding.

    I don’t even know what dominican is! 😦

    SO I’ll youtube it!

    Okay, Bye bye~ ^_^

    • What does “J/K” and “SMH” mean?

    • Rhoadie Says:

      Nicole, we all came across the Atlantic Ocean on the same slave ship, we just ended up in different locations. Rick’s ancestors were dropped off in Latin America to be enslaved on sugar cane plantations while we were dropped off in U.S. to pick cotton. Matter of fact, only 5% of Africans arrived in the U.S. so guess where the other 95% went to Latin America and the Carribean. So if you want to learn about “Black History” in it’s fullness you have to learn the history of Latin America where most of our ancestors were enslaved.

      Check out the DVD Black in Latin America, they discuss it in more detail

    • Rhoadie Says:

      Oh, no problem Rick. I think we Blacks in the US get confused concerning the racial background of Latinos from the Carribean because unless a person lives in a large city like NYC and can see the different types of Latino people, the only Latinos we are used to seeing are people of Mexican heritage.

      I’m in the South so when Dominican women started opening up salons many Black women didn’t know what a Dominican was. I went to a Dominican salon one day and this Black lady kept asking about the flag in the corner of the salon. And the stylist said it was the Dominican flag, it represents the Dominican Republic. So the lady asked where was the Dominican Republic and the stylist said it’s on an island with Haiti…so the black lady was like “so it ain’t in Mexico”. I was so embarrassed and the stylist looked like she wanted to burn that lady with those hot curlers. So the black lady kept embarassing herself and she went on and on, about “do yall got some black in yall, and who taught yall how to do hair, and what’s that food yall eating over there can I have some of it…” I wish the stylist would’ve just “accidently” dropped the hot curlers on that lady.

      But yeah Rick, you did your thang on that Mighty Healthy track look forward to hearing more…

      • Real MF talk! That happens a lot. I’m glad this convo is on my blog. There’s not enough awareness about being a Latino from the Caribbean and what that means. Thank you again. And thank you for the love on the music. The new mixtape The Invisible Man, drops the 24th of this month on this blog. Look out for it! Peace and blessings.

        Best, Rick

        Sent from my iPhone

  8. Hello, Rick. Please… could you publish the lyrics? Because I understand a little bit (I’m learnig English) xD

    You’re very talented, u have personality and Of course u look beautiful and sexy 🙂 :$

    Kisses and bless 😀

  9. xD

    Actually I speak Spanish, which I love, but I also loooveee English 🙂

    Sometimes I use to make some writing mistakes.

    I love Rock, Pop and all kind of music and I like a little bit hip hop and hip hop-pop (in fact I’m a big fan of Eminem xD).

    Rick, please make me know if I write something wrong 😀


  10. How refreshing! Not only do I think the song/video is brilliant I am extremely impressed by the comments that are written here. I too am Afro-Latina (My Mother and Father are from Puerto Rico and Panama respectively) and I love that some of Rick’s fans are aware of the ancestry enough to educate others. Like he said there aren’t enough people that do the research before making ignorant comments and it’s extremely important that these facts are known. Putting ourselves in boxes is not going to help our growth to come together as we are all one race – Human. I am beyond excited that Rick is an artist who through music can invoke these conversations. It’s a sign of how relevant his music really is and another reminder of how the industry is severely lacking lyrical content. Keep it up fam.

  11. camilla Says:

    Black, Latino, or other, we’re all ONE! That’s the bottom back to the music…you’re awesome! 🙂

    • It’s not that I don’t think that where not all one and what not. . .

      It’s just that when I heared him say the N word, I suprised me, Because I didn’t know he was black.

      And everyone knows that the N word was made up as an insult to black people (Despite being all one race and all that gay stuff).

      So naturally, not knowing he was black, I said what I said; Thinking he ment to be offensive.

      So agin, I’m sorry! 😦

      Please don’t hate me!

      I think your music’s really cool! ^_^

    • Lol! Thank you, much love. Peace!

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

  12. I’ve been raping the replay button for the past few days on this. Yes I love REAL music that much that I am actually very picky on who I follow let alone listen to & when I am a fan (Not A groupie) loyalty & appreciation is not new to me I will become a die hard & to be honest thats rare for me. Metaphors go hard, your energy is through the roof, I respect the fact that this is not some “I want to be a rapper even though all i know is elementary vocab” You actually are about to drop something epic & Dope & your intelligent. Cant wait for the 24th. 🙂 God bless

  13. sorry: *FEATURES (Rasgos) xD



  16. Im thinking this is defo my favourite song on the tape! Dont listen to haters Rick I love you!! 🙂
    You are so talented, a GREAT actor, a FANSTASTIC rapper and a reeeaaaallly hot guy !! Also you seem like a really nice, really real guy and not one of those fake celebrities.
    Really wish I could meet you!
    Holls x

  17. Wow Ur Really Good!
    I Knew There Was Somethin I Liked About You! 🙂

  18. GTA roofing…

    […]Video: “The Invisible Man” Directed by Coodie & Chike « realmreality[…]…

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