New Mixtape: “The Invisible Man” Hosted by DJ G-Spot

Here it is! I really hope everyone enjoys this. I called it the invisible man because of my frustration trying to get my music career going for at least 7 years and feeling ignored by the industry. So I felt invisible to them (music industry). Thank you for your support and love. Leave a comment. tell a friend to tell a friend. Peace and Blessings! Click here to download for free.

Rick G.
Realm Reality


51 Responses to “New Mixtape: “The Invisible Man” Hosted by DJ G-Spot”

  1. Downloaded , trying again, first one shows me the names of the songs , wont play…salty face.

  2. Excuse my language but FUCK yeahhhh..i got it mate…lol.

  3. Love it, you look awesome, posting at and elsewhere…

  4. Thanks for upload the song Free, in your day I told you, I love this song. I did not know about 7 years trying to get a hole on the music wolrd, is a hard world, but you are a great person and a good singer/actor.

    I love you Rick! put the lyric! please!

  5. camilla Says:

    I’m gonna blast this LOUD when I hear it!!!

  6. Rick you aren’t invisible, you’re great!!! And if someone didn’t notice your talent, that person is definitely blind!!! At least we are lots of people that appreciate your potencial, you know how to act, sing, compose, etc… But the most admirable thing from you is your simplicity, knowing that you’re a complete artist. I know that you’re gonna be a success at whatever you propose yourself! And you’re drop dead beautiful as well 🙂

  7. Nikoleta Chervenakova[nickymiz] Says:

    I agree with you Frida 🙂 Rick is talented. He is awesome !! I support you Rick. 🙂

    • Thanks, and that’s true!! He’s awesome, amazing, great and all that kind of things and I don’t get tired of saying how speaciall he is… by the way I really love that he even knows speak Spanish, because is our mother tongue cuz I feel he’s in connection with many people and I also love that he’s black, Puerto Rican and Domican.

      In few words his face express the most beautiful and pure feeling.

      • Nikoleta Chervenakova[nickymiz] Says:

        Exactly ! And I am of your opinion 🙂 Just like him should look all men. Man for example !

  8. TaraJen Says:

    Downloading now and will pass the awesomeness along when complete! Keep at it, Rick! You’re fantastic and certainly NOT invisible!

  9. yoo son this mixtape is bannnannnaaasss ….. you reppin 4 BK … like a reincarnated BIG L or somethin yo BIG UPSS !!! MY G


  11. DJ G-Spot Says:

    This tape is def off the hook. I’ve been a fan for quite some time and will continue to be a fan!!!!

  12. Hey, realm. . .

    Have you eveer thought about selling ‘The Invisible Man’ as appose to giving it away for free?

    I saw how you are selling integrity on itune, but still have the mixtape up on I bet if you pull the mix tape, people will buy the one from itunes! 🙂

    It’s ashame you worked so hard just to give it away.

    Did you make this mixtpae because you wanted a recored company to see you? Well, you don’t need to be signed, in order to sell you song!
    You can do that yourself!

    In fact, you don’t need to sell it on itunes if you don’t want too!
    You can see it on your on site, And I’m pretty sure people will buy! ^_^

    Seriously man, if I knew you had ‘Integrity’ in the itunes store, I wouldn’t of downloaded the mixtape! [insert dramatic music] I know, it’s mind blowing, right?

    But for real, no one’s gonna pay for something they can get for free (Huh. . .That kinda sounded like a line from an after school special about losing your V-card -_-‘).

  13. Rhoadie Says:

    Great job, I thoroughly enjoyed the mixtape. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  14. Don’t waste your talent (or good looks)!

    Sell your stuff! 😦

    • wow -_-. . .

      I just realized how I sounded. . .

      When I said sell you STUFF I ment the music. . .

      Sorry for any confusion.

  15. Rick, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m very looking forward to watching “What I want” video.

    And pleaseee never change! You’re so real.

    You’re girlfriend is a very very very lucky woman.

    I hope the best for you.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. I love youuuuu Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m very looking forward to watching “What I want” video.
    And please never change!!! Cuz you’re so real!

    … Your girlfriend is the luckiest woman in the world.

    I hope the best for you.

  17. ARCH RIVAL Says:

    This is how it gets done in Bushwick, the invisible hood!!! Keep spitting that venom homeboy, hard work and perseverance is gonna get u there my nig!!


  18. going in to this i was enthusiastic from the first couple of tracks with all of the production with the beats it was dope but midway through my feelings started to change…you do have a nice flow the words flow nicely with the voice. you’ve mastered the art of rhyming and throwing out the slick witty punch lines but where is lyrical skill? i don’t hear any rhyme stories or structures in that sense. no concious tracks at all, i heard the common sense punch line. i understand this is just a mixtape but in all honesty the only lacking aspect is diversity, id like to hear more of you so keep doing what you are doing. i do see the potential for musical growth. the underground and the industry are lacking more notable latino/hispanic rappers. keep rhyming and keep writing.

    1- 10 * 10 being the highest.

    i’d give it a 7

    • I respect your critique. Well thought out. With that said, I decided on this mixtape to concentrate on lyrical ability. The first gunshot if you will, against me will be “can I rap”? I’m in the process of recording an album and will show off the songwriting side of myself as an MC with the storytelling and song formats that aren’t as present on this tape. Thank you for your comment. Peace and blessings.

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

    • LOL! That was cruel! ^_^

  19. honeycalista Says:

    i agree to the comment above. ur a very talented person. just keep doing ur thing, be humble and patient, i have this feeling soon all ur dream will be fulfill but u have to work harder coz u know music industry alot of competitor.. wish u all the best and my prayer will always include u for ur success career..


  20. honeycalista Says:

    hi r u? ur b’day is cumming up right? so wats ur wish? let me guess a beautiful gf? *wink* lol.. just kidding.. wat ever it is pray for u it will come true..

    FYI: i have download n burn ur mixtape rap, i have ask my frens a dj to play ur mixtape in the club n….boom they love it.. they going to promote it soon..
    and i will try to ask spore dj @ 91.3 to spin ur mixtape..
    so u keep doing the things u do ok.. love u rick..

    • Thank you very much for passing my music along. I really appreciate it! Hopefully more of your friends and DJs like it. Oh and my Bday is coming up lol. I’ll keep my wish to myself though haha. Thanks again.

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

  21. honeycalista Says:

    yea2 i will surprise somthing on ur bday boy.. haha..

  22. Relies on this kind of rap and away you go

  23. you Americans had more to worry more about the social problems than fame! that’s why in my opinion is the best Brazilian rap because it is located with the essence of rap that is the ghetto! Is based on the essence of rap and you will go far! ‘re Missing the essence, do not imitate anyone maintain the sovereignty and Mrs. Graduated with Honors on stage!

  24. You have to get the love of the public not the press! If you do the right thing you will not need anything that comes from the press because their fans will support you and give you deserved fame! Write letters on the social problems of people and people admire you and they will not sell to media is not worth it and worth turning a puppet! Make ghueto gospel songs like, changes, and those songs I sent you and the public will take their job seriously! Revolutionize!

  25. Great work. I love It. Who knew u r dis gud?…..Success Always

  26. Christie Alvarez Says:

    Hey Rick,
    Just to let you know been a fan for ages but never knew you did the music thing so here’s where i can help in my own lil way to spread the word. I lived in America for 13 years but now am in Australia and work for a Promotions company and record company…so I’m gonna spread the word and get my people playing you in the clubs til you’re a house hold name over here…and you should definately be selling your stuff, forget hollywood and everyone that didn’t let you put your foot in the door. start your own label and sell your own stuff!!! Much love,
    Christie Alvarez

  27. calvarez1 Says:

    no problem it’s much deserved…if you ever get that albulm together and want to get it out out here just let me know. i’ll do it for free you got talent and can only go up from here you’ve been blessed with the gift of looks,talent and determination. keep your head up your day will come. if you wanna get stuff out here. til then will share you on FB and with my connects. God Bless and you got this!!!!!!!!!

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