New Music: “I Won’t Go” Produced by Dan Freeman

So my girl gave me this song called “He won’t go” by Adele and said: “you have to redo this song, tell Dan to sample it.” And so we did. My girl even told me what I should be spitting about on this song too, lol. Hope you enjoy it. Me and the homey Dan have way too many joints to give the world. God willing. Stay Tuned. Peace and Blessings.




24 Responses to “New Music: “I Won’t Go” Produced by Dan Freeman”

  1. camilla Says:

    i love the original and this version! where can i get your version?

    • There’s a download link in the player. Thanks.

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Hola rick I was going to download ur mistape but it say this track currently not available.. Wat up wit that? My friends r waiting for ur latest music keep calling me day n night, honey have u have any update on rick latest music? Need to noe asap, saturday is around the corner.
        Btw rick happy bday to you best wishes n may god blessed u n ur future.

        Sincerely heart

  2. diamondheart86 Says:

    Sorry rick, I get to download ur music already. Previously something wrong wit my pc. Sorry my bad.

  3. This is dope! Well I found this website from a close relative, and she told me about you. I’m a big fan of your work, and watched all of your films. I simply think your truly amazing 🙂 🙂 keep it up.

  4. Renee from ATL Says:

    Hey I’m feeling this song.

  5. I didn’t know you rapped, until I heard a few cuts of yours on . I heard the invisible man mixtape #fiyah … You should be signed to a major, but then again they would probably tell you to dumb down your content. Just do you, stay indie fam !!!!

    – T-Boye

  6. I have a q!! LOVE THIS
    have you ever thought about laying your words over a nujabes or dilla track???
    much love peace and blessings

  7. WUZ GOOD MY BROTHER it’s dj GRINGO, one love from France , i’m happy to see you have this website i’m gonna listen your mixtape today, you can check and download our mixtapes with you of course my friend right here :

    we still support you in France !!!!!!!!!! PEACE

  8. DJ GRINGO Says:

    YOO so dope to have news from you! i hope everything’s good, i download your mixtape invisible man! and i love the concept, i will listen it today! let me know if we can work a mixtape together in the future it will be a honnor

    Best !! Gringo

    • Thank you! Let me know what you think. I’m down for a mixtape. Finishing up an album. Once I’m done let’s bang one out for France!

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. DJ GRINGO Says:

    I’m Down with you my borther, we keep on touch and like you said let’s bang one out for France!! people must hear Realm in France!!
    Best !! Gringo

  10. DJ GRINGO Says:

    what’s good my brother, just heard your mixtape today in my car and that’s definitly where hiphop have to go, when lyrics, flow and instrumental brings drama like a storm! “today’s voice” will be my drug music for few days i think haha! that’s why we listen us rap music in France, most of french rappers can’t do what you do right here, it’s time to shine in France!!!

    Best Gringo

    • I appreciate that bro! Let’s get it! I’m ready to show France my music! Thank you for listening. I appreciate your words. Means a lot. Salute.

      Best, Rick

      Sent from my iPhone

  11. seen your movies and listened to your music and like them keep doing what you are doing

  12. Love this combination of her melody and the tone of this song. Seems like your trying to bring that Realness and beginning flavors of Hip Hop back. Keep doing what your doing and keep making that noise.

  13. Blackbeltlady1 Says:

    Like this shit ret here. Your sound is the truth. Can’t stand all this bullshit out now. Keep it up papi. I”ve been a fan of your acting for awhile but I’m a BIGGER fan now.

  14. I’ve said it before but I will say it again…I LOVE this one. This is my favorite. I can feel your passion and love of REAL hip hop. You are amazing Rick. Keep pushing forward.

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