“What I want” Lyrics



It goes one two two the three fo-ur

I learned from “The Wire” how to be mo-re

they told me I can’t which means I had to

and if haters ask you just tell em

I do what I want

do what I like

do what I want

do what I like

do what I want

do what I like

do what I want

do what I like

Verse 1:


it goes uh uh, once again I’m on a quest without a tribe got a vibe

puttin’ in a grind like a 9 to 5

outta sight outta mind

bottom line

schoolin’ every beat with only heat so I’m bowling for columbine

sequentially I’m movin’ at a rapid speed

Mike Vick I hope my dogs forgive me I’m ath-lete

My mixtape is full of only casualties

and I’m ignored by blogs full of only wack emcees

The truth is always recognized inside your soul

so when you make your pockets grow do mirrors show your proper growth

I’m from Brooklyn so if “Sky’s the limit”

is there Total Faith inside of my potential if the sky’s infinite

I’m too familiar with them budget rentals

built on fundamentals women tryin’ cut me with a healthy dental

Truthfully this how I choose to be

whose is he Realm Reality

now the hook.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:

It goes uh uh

Once again the leader of the new school

blues clues bruise crews “Dwyck” cuz I’m “Nice and Smooth”

When inside the booth rhymes incite my vibe for truth

I can do anything I choose to put my mind to

Mind designed designed my mind inclined to make a climb inside this game showing terrain because I truly gain and not the fruits of fame

food for thought

I use to chomp these dudes for sport

chew your food or chew your thoughts is what the future taught

smoked the competition with a newer port

who reports to “Blackboard Jungles” pushing newer chalk

them and music’s like cereal together used with forks

no sense make change take a seat no Rosa Parks

Flows will make my features turn to good looks

like a shorty throwing alleys that’s a good look

matter fact when I rhyme I’m like a good book

you are not a crook now the hook

(Repeat Chorus)


6 Responses to ““What I want” Lyrics”

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  3. Fan of Rick Gonzalez ;) Says:

    Good job, music and words are great!

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