Behind The Scenes: Realm Reality Visits ECKO

Stopped by ECKO to get laced for “The Realness” video shoot.


6 Responses to “Behind The Scenes: Realm Reality Visits ECKO”

  1. I simply adore you Rick…….I support any project you’re involved with. You are amazingly talented..and you are so Ef’N fine. I can’t say it enough

  2. Hey Rick…I am a big fan and supporter! I think you are soo talented and beautiful. I’ve watched almost every movie and tv show you’ve appeared in, I’ve listened to most of your music (the Invisible Man mixtape is dope dope dope btw!!!) and I really can’t wait to see the Realness music video. I’m always looking forward to what u do next! Keep doing your thing, you’re doing it well! 😉 peace and blessings.

  3. The guy sings from the heart…
    Everyday I admire you more and more…
    Congratulations for your work, Rick s2

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