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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Renee Alysia Says:

    Realm Reality is the realist shit I ever heard! Your mixtape is going offff and your lyrics are attainable , your lyrics come from your soul not your mouth and that’s real! You reminded me of Cole , the only nigga that gets it , I rate what you’ve been pertaining to alongside your acting career , you are a rapper , but I wouldn’t say you a rapper , your like lyrical feature tied to emotion , a lot of these so called rappers just talk , shit , so I flush em . but any way shout out to all you niggas , straight jacket , fourty five and rick gonzalez šŸ™‚ – keep doing what you doing now , the best is yet to come for you , I support yall hundred ten percent , Rick you were made for this don’t worry about the blogs its only words , words can not break you as long as you believe them , read and re write that shit , you know you good with words nigga . Fuck a hater , besides haters are fans that just ain’t caught on yet … šŸ™‚ I love you keep pushing your music , I got you . Mix tape is dope! Invisible man , I can not tell you how much you made me wanna get out my lyric book after hearing the first bar , your just too much to be contained get out there and use your mind , penetrate your emotion , I can not tell you how much I’m attached to poet anyway I wanna hear more of you nigga , so when you spit those no words unspoken that invisible shit is wide open for every one to see the ” Invisible man ” is now the Inevitable plan , you got shit going for you , use you mind my nigga I can not stress that enough , don’t apologize for your dreams baby any things possible you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles – Cole . coming all the way for Surrey , England – United Kingdom . Love you , Realm Reality – real nigga shit x

  2. Planet Hip-Hop would like to conduct an interview with your client Realm Reality.

  3. Good afternoon!
    I would like to do an interview with your artist, Rick Gonzales!
    Thank you!

    Elyse Johnson
    “What’s Up Elly J?”

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